FIRST POST… *scream*

*youtube voice* >> Hey guys welcome to my blog!!! Hahaha! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that… now here we are.

So my blog description pretty much sums up what the content here will be. I’m Jamaican doctor who has moved to the UK to live and work. Born and raised in Jamaica, never lived away from home … but i’ve allllwaaaayyyysss dreamed of living in London…and in April 2019 it finally frikkin happened! Still surreal to me right now to be honest…..

So I wanted to start a blog so I could share snips of my life and experiences on a less “out there” forum (as compared to Ig and Snapchat).

ALSO! moving here from Jamaica was a PROCESS!!! From signing up for exams to getting my English language verified (WTF????) to sitting the damn exams to the visa to the cost and on and on and on…… I wanted to share what I know ad tips to make the process easier for anyone who wants to trod this path 🙂

So here weee go! Let’s see where this thing takes us 🙂 ❤

4 thoughts on “FIRST POST… *scream*

  1. How lovely that I found your blog right from the start! I’m really excited for your journey.. I’m doing MBBS right now as we speak and have definitely been considering moving overseas eventually (no active plans currently but I know the qualifying exams required for all the first world countries I’d entertain moving to.. although another Caribbean island is also a possibility for me and would be easier.. and warmer). Anyway, congrats and all the best with settling in!


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